To celebrate summer solstice and the coming of the holiday period, for our last Wildcard Wednesday of the year we've decided to host a special cacao ceremony and ecstatic dance, followed by a delicious vegan dinner in at Beaches Restaurant featuring chemical free produce from High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm. 


Experience bliss, rapture and liberation as we take you on a ceremonial journey of connection with our bodies, our community and to the sacred spirit of cacao.


This event comes about through a collective desire to bring our likeminded tribe together and deliver more conscious events to the Capricorn Coast, so please come along and support us as we look towards building this community and creating future events.


We ask please that no drugs or alcohol are consumed before the ceremony to facilitate authentic connection and so that the euphoria of ceremonial grade cacao mixed with special herbs, spices, nootropics and adaptogens can be experienced. 


The event will be facilitated by MC Shaemixalot & DJ Catatac (also known as the amazing local Naturopath, Catherine Mason). 


The journey starts at 6pm on Wednesday the 16th December. Please make sure you arrive 10 minutes early to get comfortable. We will start with some warmup activities and then dance until around 7:15pm before sharing a vegan dinner at Beaches. 


This event will be held in the Harmony Room, upstairs just behind Beaches Restaurant, (1/34-48 Vin E Jones Drive, Rosslyn, QLD 4703). 

Cacao ceremony, eye gazing & ecstatic dance plus dinner



    • permaculture farm volunteer