permaculture farm work

The High Valley Dawn journey began when a passion for wellness and sustainable development collided with a desire to serve fresh, local, organically grown produce in our nearby restaurant Beaches Rosslyn Bay.  A number of years ago, the intention to one day create self-sustaining community that would fulfill these desires and help inspire future generations to get back to working in harmony with Mother Nature was set and in 2016, the universe delivered this magnificent 140 acre seaside allotment into our possession. 

After tens of thousands of hours of ongoing effort and input from a handful of key staff and volunteers from all around the world, we have partially achieved our vision which is to become:

An ever evolving, self-sustaining community model nurturing love and joy in harmony with nature for the greater good of all.

We now have established a 2 acre market garden which is producing wonderful seasonal produce for our restaurant as  as well as a 2 acre food forest which is in its infancy but promises to one day deliver hundreds of varieties of fruits, vegetables, roots, leaves, herbs and spices from all around the world with a special emphasis on tropical Australian natives and bush tucker.

We chose from day 1 to be totally off grid with a solar powered farmhouse, leaning centre, pumps and bores and gravity fed irrigations systems. We also have a natural biofiltered desalination plant in operation and are currently in the process of building an underground "powerless" cold room and aircrete domes as experimental, low cost accommodation.


As well as hosting a small but growing community volunteers, the farm is also home to our free ranging animals - horses, ducks, chickens, cattle, sheep, working dogs and pigs.


Our vision for the future includes a community education centre, more homes and cabins dotted around the property for both short and long-term residents, a community garden, a temple and infrastructure necessary to host weddings, festivals, retreats, conferences, workshops and events.

We welcome our local community and those from further abroad to get involved so If you can help make our vision come true or would like to come and volunteer your time to contribute and learn on the farm, then we would love to hear from you.