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organic farm produce


Since starting the farm, we’ve been inundated with demand from local people who have had a hard time sourcing organically grown, chemical-free produce.  As the project develops, we are producing more and more each year but currently have a hard time keeping up with demand.

paddock to plate restaurant

The easiest way to enjoy our produce is to visit our nearby restaurant, Beaches which offers an impressive paddock-to-plate menu featuring seasonal delights from the farm, the best local beef and seafood, weekly vegan and organic specials.  We have also recently added a market stall at the front of the restaurant which will offer some of our produce, preserves and powders to the public.

Farmer's Markets

The other way to try our produce is to meet us at the Yeppoon Farmer's Markets each Saturday morning at the Yeppoon Showgrounds where offer an array of everything we have coming out of the ground at the time as well as our famous Sourdough, occasional ferments and of course, our Moringa Powder. 

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