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Bush Tucka food forest one year on...

Here's a photo of our Bush Tucker Food Forest, 1 year on. I'm sure you'll agree that there has been remarkable growth for such a short time.

Our Bush Tucker Food Forest was a project, with the help of funding from the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, to reforest an area of the farm with edible Australian natives to restore native vegetation in a critical catchment of the Great Barrier Reef, help prevent run-off into the catchment, promote biodiversity, sequester carbon, and educate the community in the importance of sustainable land management for Reef health.

We already have evidence of the erosion control function of the food forest successfully taking place. Recent soil testing found no sediments pooling at the bottom of the slope, meaning that tree roots have grown sufficiently to hold the stability of the slope and allow water to sink into the soil without washing it off the top during heavy downpours.

If you have had any engagement with our Bush Tucker project (e.g. visiting it), please help out by completing a short survey. The survey has been created by researchers at University of Queensland, who are investigating the benefits of people and communities’ participation in Reef stewardship activities, such as our Bush Tucker Food Forest project.

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