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Miraculous news! Moringa now available here on our website

Miraculous news! Our Moringa Powder is now available for purchase from our website or all of you who aren't able to purchase from Beaches Restaurant or the Saturday Farmer's markets.

Known as 'The Miracle Tree', Moringa is a little known superfood native to India which is arguably one of the most nutrient-dense plants in the world.

We are limited with the claims we can attach to this now as dispensers of a product but seriously, Google search "Moringa health benefits" and you will be blown away. Its perplexing to consider why this stuff hasn't made its way into mainstream consciousness sooner.

Our Moringa Powder is of course organically grown, chemical free and you can rest assured knowing that it is used as a soil-enriching pioneer species in our regenerative farming practices.

If you've ever seen our bright and bubbly team out and about and wondered where we get our energy from, this is our secret. We love Moringa on the farm and many of us have experienced a boost in vitality, mood and the healing of a range of ailments since beginning to take Moringa regularly.



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